Need a Thorough, experienced agent? Look no further.

Navigating the real estate market is never an easy task whether it be in good times or bad. A seasoned, well informed real estate agent can make the difference between a successful transaction or a financial nightmare.

My father had the good fortune to be represented by Barbara Orr on several occasions both in purchasing and selling properties and had always spoken highly of her capabilities. So when the time came to sell his last home, the estate chose Barbara to handle the listing and sale.

The estate had a specific selling price in mind, but Barbara convinced us to ask for almost 8% more than we had intended. Despite the fact that this sale took place during what was undoubtedly the most depressed real estate market in recent years, Barbara's strategy resulted in a brisk bidding war with the property selling and closing within 35 days of the listing date. The final selling price was over 11% more that we had anticipated, thanks to Barbara's efforts and direction.

Joel Burkard

Barbara's clients come back to her for their real estate needs

Barbara is a wonderful, helpful broker for me at the time. She was so good and such a nice person, I had her sell me a house and then a few years later sell the same house in South Everett. She was very helpful and knowledgeable of the area, and terms of the transaction from the offers to closing. When I was looking at this particular house, the next day I came back and someone had tagged it with graffiti. Barbara went out of her way to get some matching paint and fix the issue the same day, awesome service! I was so impressed with her services that I had to called her back to help me sell that same house; it sold in just a couple months! Great job Barbara, thank you so much!